Hiking in New Mexico

A Request: Do you like what you find here?  Is it helpful to you as you explore New Mexico?  If so, please leave comments or suggestions; we will appreciate the feedback.

Hiking has become a favorite activity for me since moving to New Mexico.  I’ve explored most of the trails in the nearby Sandia Mountains and have extended the range to the Jemez Mountains, the Rio Puerco Valley, and the Manzano Mountains.  In the process I’ve enjoyed some absolutely beautiful scenic views, visited a few ruins of the Pueblo Indians dating as far back as 1000 BC, and maintained a level of physical fitness far better than in many of the years since graduating from the Air Force Academy.

In this web site, I intend to share with you information about the trails and the hikes I’ve taken with Pat and with friends.  For some I will offer personal observations (as best that I can remember them), photographs, screenshots of GPS tracks on GoogleEarth, and other sources of information.  And for those who wish to vicariously repeat the hike I will publish “.kml” files that you can use to render the tracks of hikes on GoogleEarth for yourself.  I  hope that you will explore with these “.kml” files.

A Note About “Recent Posts”:  I’ve been hiking here in New Mexico for more that 4 years, but I’m just starting this BLOG in 2016.  I will update it with recent hikes as we make them, but I will also be backtracking to document many of the hikes from the past.  So in the “Recent Posts” you will see the most recent post, not necessarily the most recent hike.  Please go to the “Tables of Hikes” for easy access to the most recent ones.

I’ve benefited greatly from others who have shared their hiking experiences on the web.  I hope you find my publication entertaining and helpful.

George Young, Albuquerque, NM
April 2016

PS:  A handful of people have added immeasurably to my enjoyment of this activity and I must recognize them: my wife, Pat; together we made our first forays into hiking, exploring nearby trails in the Sandia mountains; a great friend, Jay: we have pushed each other to more challenging trails; and another friend, Vince: he taught me to look more closely at things literally under our feet.