It’s September Already


Work at El Cerrito was put on the back burner this spring as we moved from the loft to a townhouse.  Although the townhouse is only 5 years old, it had been neglected so we had to make numerous repairs.

We finished moving near the end of June and have refocused our efforts since then at El Cerrito.

The Sun Room is essentially complete.

See the picture story to date on our Picasa WebAlbum “The Sun Room”.

 The next phase in constructing the shop is covering the containers and the space between with a roof.Visit the WebAlbum for the picture story of The Shop, or to pick up the story with the roofing phase.  
We’ve been staying at El Cerrito for a week or 10 days at a time, using the R-Pod for sleeping, the Sun Room as the kitchen, and finding places with the better view as the breakfast nook & dining room.During our stay in mid-August, a thunderstorm gave us our first experience with heavy rain and our road.Visit the WebAlbum presenting  the picture story, The Flood, Aug 2011.  

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  • Charles Templer

    Interesting material. Give me a call someday and we can talk more. I have a Templer Family history CD that will come in handy for you. Just need a mailing address.

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