We’ve been busy

Note:  This posting was started back in April, but I’ve decided to publish it anyway.

With winter weather now past, we’ve gotten back to work at El Cerrito.

We’ve brought the water well on line: 180 watts of solar power pumping from a well 365 feet deep, delivering water via 700 of buried PVC pipe from the well to our shop area — hurrah.
Pat is cleaning and painting the outside of the shipping containers.  They are will look -so- much better.

Cleaning the oxidation and scale with a powered wire brush.

Pat is painting the shipping containers. They will look -so- much better.

We’re nearly complete with construction of a 10’x10′ sun room to shield us from the winds (and someday rain), where we can fix and have lunch.  During the cold and the windy seasons, clear polycarbonate panels will be installed all around; with nicer weather the panels will be replaced by screen doors (to keep the critters out but let the breeze flow through).

See more pictures in our Picasa Web Album on Google:  The Sun Room.

Laying in rebar in the ‘lintel blocks’ which will serve as the foundation .

Checking the fit of the corner post in the bracket on the foundation.

Bringing rocks collected from up the hill, to be used for facing on the foundation.

Mixing the concrete to fill the lintel blocks for the foundation.



Positioning the plate that will be bolted to the side of the container and support the rafters.

Checking the fit of the rocks to face the foundation.
We’ve started making improvements to the road and driveway.  For the road, using our John Deer and blade we’ve leveled out the most treacherous section.  For the driveway, we’re putting down ‘crusher fines’ to fill in the serious bumps.

This is 15 tons of 'crusher fines' from Mountainair. It will be used to smooth out the driveway and provide a base for geotextile and gravel that will form the driving surface.

Pat continues to explore various cooking methods and meals – we -do- eat very well, especially for the “unimproved” conditions.
Plans for the cabin are coming along.  With the assistance of a local builder of straw bale houses, detailed designs are being prepared.  After much consternation over balancing the view (to the west) with protection from the often strong winds (which come out of the west, we’ve selected the building site.

A view looking from the southwest of our preliminary design for the first cabin.

Image from Google Earth of a view of our place at El Cerrito. It shows the approximate path of the driveway, the layout of our Shop Area, and sites for the first (and someday the second) cabins.

Click here to download a .kml file which can be opened with Google Earth.